Vermil Ladies Purse

A Questa Purse is designed to tuck in some of the bulkiest items a woman has to carry with her. Its volume is just right to hold everything you need for a successful day. And yet, it'll look elegant in your hand, absorbing the unevenness of its contents into itself, looking perfect all the time.

This Vermil Purse is ideal for the working woman. It understands the needs of a woman in the boardroom, and at the weekend soiree. Everywhere you go, it'll look just right.

  • Closed Size: 190mm x 90mm
  • It will fit all, even your slim smartphone.
  • Colour: Black / Burgundy
  • Card Slots: 6 +  A zip enclosure
  • And numerous slots and space for other essentials
  • Code: Q-31-001

Leather used for this range has been specifically chosen as a perfect blend between smooth texture and suppleness. The leather will become better with age and you will see the difference within a month of use.


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