Vermil Money Clip Wallet

Minimalist. Elegant. Flexible.

This wallet brings down the contents of your wallet to the bare essentials. 

Notice the thickness of this wallet is about 22% of the regular wallet, and yet, it can hold almost everything your regular wallet can carry.

And yet, the flexibility of the leather picked specifically to make this wallet allows the wallet to grow on its contents. And look petite all the time!

Take this to the gym today after work, or to the grocery store, or to the library this weekend.

  • Closed Size: 150mm x 90mm
  • Card Slots: 6
  • 2 extra slots - for cards, secret notes and the little nothings
  • Money Clip to hold your money!
  • Code: Q-23-003

Leather used for this range has been specifically chosen as a perfect blend between smooth texture and suppleness. The leather will become better with age and you will see the difference within a month of use.

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