Leather Care

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A Questa is an investment. We look at wallets as those precious instruments that go along with you everywhere and carry what you hold dear. Its not just a case for your cash and cards but also those titbits of your daily life which slip into it and then bring back loads of beautiful memories when retrieved years down the line. And leather is something which makes it possible to last for all those years. Although, not without some inputs from you. After all, you are an inherent part of this process, and your wallet will be your reflection, it will develop character as its inheritor. And that is why we just simply love leather. No substitutes.

So, how about returning some favours to our favourite material?

1. Regular cleaning is always helpful. Just use a lightly damp cloth and wipe down the dust and dirt.

2. Don't panic if your wallet gets wet. Take a deep breath and let your wallet do the same. Let it dry slowly at room temperature. Force drying your wallet will make it rigid and crinkly. So, keep those hair dryers out of reach. Moreover, the wallet will take the shape you dry it in. Yeah, it is a great way to turn your cuboid wallet cylindrical.

3. Water isn't your biggest problem, not having enough water is. If your wallet gets too dry, rub it with a light leather conditioner/moisturizer.

4. When you are not using it, provide your wallet with comfy conditions. Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry. Just think of your perfect place to hibernate in.

5. A leather wallet will take the shape it is usually kept in. So, if you don't want it to lose its original look, then try and not overfill it.

6. Do not use bleach, alcohol, turpentine, waxes or other chemical substances on leather. They prevent leather from breathing. That means no using wet wipes or wet tissues to accomplish point no. 1.

7. Lastly, do not wrap it in plastic to keep away the rain. It will do more harm than good as leather needs to breathe!