Leather & Us

To say that we know leather like the back of our hands would be quite an understatement. We understand leather, we can feel its texture flowing through our fingers all the time.

We're a team of designers and craftsmen working out of Mumbai, India. Our leather is shaped by our experiences, of roaming around the colonial facades of Fort, or the hullabaloo of the Mumbai lifeline.

Thus, we have decided to combine the beauty of natural leather and the age old Indian tradition of hand crafting leather into beautiful carry goods. This makes each piece unique, a blank journal to write your own story on. Leather will develop character with age and become more supple and malleable, making you fall in love with it over and over again.

We understand that the quintessential commodity in your daily repertoire of handheld artifacts includes at least one leather product. It could be your wallet, or a case for your Mac or your iPad. It could be that purse you're planning to carry with you to the soiree tonight. Don't worry, a Questa will fit snugly into your life like it always belonged there.


We are basically trying to kill two birds with one stone (not literally!):

1. Because then it's no longer just a product but a piece of art. There is no match to the quality and attention to detail that a handcrafted leather wallet can achieve. Each piece is unique and has been made with great meticulousness. Its almost as if the leather is a part of the person that creates it.

2. Also by buying a Questa, you are supporting our very skilled and dwindling community of leather artisans. The Indian craft of leather sculpting is fading due to the invasion of machines and machine made goods and people like you are needed to appreciate and encourage this dying art form.