Lapis Money Clip

This is the wallet for you if you like no fuss.

This card holder equipped with a magnetic money clip helps in holding essential cards, paper money and also some change. You can even put it through your belt hoop. And we have a special slot for our guitarist friends!

  • Size: 105mm x 70mm
  • Colour: Black or Steel Blue
  • 3 card slots + 1 centre compartment
  • Magnetic Tab to hold your money and change
  • A slip slot for tiny little things which tend to misplace themselves. A spare key or your guitar pick.
  • Code: Q-23-001

Leather is top grain, textured, soft and supple.

The magnet in the tab is not strong enough to harm your magnetic strip cards in any way.It has been tested and determined that such is the case. However, it is advisable to not use the centre slot for your cards.

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