The Nodule Vertical Wallet Tan Pop Up Event Special 10% Discount

  • This particular design focuses on letting you carry as much as possible with as little effort. Just like all things Questa, we do not compromise on style. Features:

    • 1 bill compartment
    • 4 separate cards slots
    • 1 multiple card slot (up to 5 cards)
    • Multiple card slot can act as coin box if needed.


          Questa Leather Roots Radicle Cards Icon    
    • Size: 
      • Closed - 9 cm x 10 cm x 1.2 cm 
      • Open - 9 cm x 24 cm
      • Filled - 2.5 cm thick (approx)


  • Leather of our Roots Collection is one of the most premium leathers, specifically chosen and hand picked for its beauty and strength. The leather has been processed just right, to enhance its natural grain and texture and increase its durability. This leather will age beautifully and the colour will deepen with use.

    Special grey suede (type of leather) is used for lining the wallet. It is soft to touch and perfectly complements the outer leather.

    Note: Initially, the wallet will take some time to settle and take the shape that you are most comfortable with. It may not remain closed however with use it would be fine. And, that's the beauty of leather, give it sometime and it will forever be yours.


  • The wallet will be shipped within a week. Usually, it takes up to a week for the goods to reach you once they are shipped depending on your location, but do provide for unforeseen circumstances.

    There is free shipping anywhere in India and the prices are inclusive of taxes.


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