Cuprum Bifold Wallet

In our quest to reinvent the age old classic brown bifold wallet, we came up with this collection.

The leather is brown with a slightly darker shade on the border.  Each wallet will have a different and unique look as it has been handcrafted and hand sprayed.

Also the leather outside has a tough and smooth texture, whereas inside the leather is soft and accommodating.

There are two variants in this Questa wallet, one with a coin pocket for the other with more card slots instead of the coin pocket.

  • Closed Size: 120mm x 95mm
  • Card Slots: 4 - 8
  • 2 extra slots - for cards, secret notes and the little nothings
  • 2 billfold compartments
  • Coin Flap for the one variant
  • Code: Q-11-006


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