Our Craftsmen

A Questa wallet is not just a product for us, it is a piece of art. Our craftsmen pour their heart into crafting each wallet and make it a point to achieve perfection. There is no match to the quality and attention to detail that a handcrafted leather wallet can achieve. Each piece is unique and has been made with great meticulousness. It's almost as if the leather is a part of the person that creates it.

We have decided that our makers are just as important as our designers. The master craftsman in our workshop is just as important as the designer sitting behind her desk. The artisans and their inputs are what makes Questa different. We hope our efforts to achieve fair trade in the leather industry will help bring some stability to the lives of the very people whose hands have given shape to your valuable possession.

By buying a Questa, you are supporting our very skilled and dwindling community of leather artisans. The Indian craft of leather sculpting is fading due to the invasion of machines and machine-made goods and people like you are needed to appreciate and encourage this dying art form.

We would like you to meet our master craftsman:

Ali Bhai
He has been working in this industry for approximately 30 years. He doesn't even remember when he made the conscious decision to become a craftsman. His father was a craftsman and so is he. But, he surely remembers the first leather wallet that he crafted and how he loved it. He loves working with leather and this love for his craft shows in the skill with which he makes the wallets. However, the conditions of his employment were less than perfect, being a daily wage labourer he didn't know whether he would have a job the next day. Now, that he works for Questa, not only does he have job security but also rules his kingdom (the workshop) like a boss.