Lapis Ladies Purse

The Lapis Purse was designed to tuck in some of the bulkiest items a woman has to carry with her. Its volume is just right to hold everything you need for a successful day. And yet, it'll look elegant in your hand, absorbing the unevenness of its contents into itself, looking perfect all the time.

  • Closed Size: 130mm x 95mm
  • Card Slots: 6
  • Main compartments: 4
  • Additional Compartment: 5
  • Front compartment can also hold your iPhone or smaller gadgets...
  • Colour: Steel Blue outside, Black inside
  • Code: Q-32-001

Leather is top grain, textured, soft and supple.

Inspired by the intensity of a Lapis Lazuli stone, we've allowed its rich blue colour to flow onto our beautifully tanned leather. This leather was handpicked to absorb the blueness of our favorite precious stone.

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